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We develop your leading edge

For us, it is important not only to carry out development keeping in tune with the times, but also to create for our customers a software with a long life cycle. And we do this by using the most modern technologies and products such as Microsoft Visual Studio .NET or C# and also in C and VB6. The developed software can be used without any additional software installations at the customer's end.

Bosch Rexroth - services, product and technology support

Development of machine specific or plant specific screens with WinStudio or as ACI ActiveX Controls in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and integrating these into the MTX GUI. The link to the NC/PLC is done through the BR OPC Server.

Windows programmes in Microsoft VB6 or Microsoft Visual Studio .NET that exchange and process data through the OPC with the MTX control via the network.

Add-on software for MTX controls such as the software MTXToolManager, enables the administration of the MTX tool database on an external PC/Notebook.

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